Partner Insitutions

Partner Insitutions

Services offered to Partner Institutions

Education Asia would ground itself to the business ethics and standards to strive and garner suitable numbers of students to all its Partner Institutions as being result oriented.
Education Asia Partners Institutions would expect prompt response within Certain Time frame to avoid any mistake for Enrollments details like Application Deadlines, Intakes, Fees, Accommodations Services Related Information, Pick-Up and Orientation Schedule.
Since Education Asia understands the Time Essence and would be proactive and response with all communication and reply them promptly and suitably.

As an authorized Representative, Education Asia facilitates the following services to Partner Institutions:

  • To promote the partner Institutions’ brand name and its courses to prospective students, parents and business associates
  • To provide market feedback to partner Institutions for new development as local market needs
  • To obtain prior written approval from the partner Institutions for any publication, advertising promotional material produced in which Trading Name’s name and / or logo are used,
  • To inform the partner Institutions well in advance the number of students being sent to enable the college to adjust its resources as is required,
  • To interview, counsel and pre-screen prospective students, who are interested in applying for courses at partner Institutions
  • To receive and process applications for admission, including VISA application and documentation
  • To guarantee that all information supplied to prospective students is true and accurate,
  • To recommend suitable applicants for consideration and acceptance by the Provider,
  • To facilitate completion of the official Provider application form, including complete documentation and certification of copies of original documents to support the application,
  • To ensure that all forms and documents are promptly and quickly transmitted to the Provider,
  • To advise and assist prospective students in paying tuition fees and other fees as required, obtain student visas and make travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Education Asia do not to collect money from the students on behalf of the partner Institutions under any circumstances.
  • All money associated with enrolment and tuition at the provider is to be paid directly to the Provider.

For more information on partnership, please feel free to contact us: